суббота, 30 сентября 2017 г.


While I was walking down the street yesterday, I saw a friend of mine. He was looking  in a shop window. I was starting to cross the road to say hello to tim. While I was crossing the road, I heard a noise. A bus came in my direction!  The bus stopped very close to me. I was lucky it wasn't hit.

Question 4 was easier than question 1, and question 6 was the easiest question of all.
Last night match was exciting, but Saturday's watch was more exciting than last night's match, and Sunday's match was the most exciting ever.
Yesterday was a bad day for me, but Thursday was worse than yesterday, and Fridau was the worst day of my life.

She smiled happily.
My brother speaks French fluently.
The hairdresser cut my hair very badly.
I answered all the questions easily.
Our team played very well.


Our dog can't walk very well because he's got very old now.
I got a suprise yesterday. My uncle sent me some money!
The party was great, and I didn't get home until midnight!
My brother says he get good ideas when he daydreams.
I love Maths  and I'm always happy when I get the answer right.

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