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Check your self

Change into passive
1. She pays a lot of money. 
A lot of money is paid.
2. I draw a picture. – 
A picture was drawn.
3. He doesn't open the book. 
The book isn’t opened.
4. You do not write the letter. – 
The letter isn’t written.
5. They wear blue shoes.
Blue shoes were worn.
6. They introduced my to her husband
I was introduced to her husband.
7. Someone sold this old hat to my wife.
This old hat was sold to my wife by someone.
8. The headmaster will contact you.
You will be contacted by the headmaster.
Direct  / indirect
1. 1. “He works in a bank” She said that he worked in a bank.
2. “I didn’t go to the party” She told me that she hadn’t gone to the party.
3. “We went out last night” She told me that they had gone out the night before.
4. “I was waiting for the bus when he arrived” She told me that she was waiting for the bus when he arrived.
5. “Who was that beautiful woman?” She asked me who that beautiful woman was.
6. “How often do you go to the cinema?” She asked me how often I went to the cinema. 
7. “Do you live in London?” She asked me if I live in London.  lived 
8. “Did he arrive on time?” She asked me if he had arrived on time. 
9. “Please help me carry this” She asked me to help her to carry this.
10. Could you please open the window?” She asked me to open the window.
11. “Go to bed!” She told me to go to bed.
12. “Do your homework!” She told me to do my homework.
13. “Don’t smoke!” She told me not to smoke.
14. “Don’t make a mess!” She told me not to make a mess.
15. Do the washing-up!” She told me to do washing-up.
16. “Where do you want to eat tonight?” She asked me where I want to eat that night.  wanted 
17. “I usually drink coffee in the mornings” She told me that she usually drank coffee in the mornings.
18. “Could you give me the glass on the table, please?” She asked me give her the glass on the table.
19. “Please buy some bread on your way home” She asked to buy some bread on his way home my 
20. . “Do you like studying English?” She asked me if I liked studying English .

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