вторник, 21 мая 2019 г.

Sport Centers In Our School

Sport centers in our school. Which sport have you chosen? Why
In our school we have different sport centers like football, basketball, tennis, mini-football. My favorite sport is football. Everyone who plays that sport will be healthier than other. My favorite football club is BARCELONA. My favorite player is Leo Messi. I think that he’s the best footballer in whole football history. He is first footballer who has 5 golden balls and 5 golden boots. We are playing football in football field which was covered by asphalt. In our school every boy like football, so 2 boys from 12 grade create football tournament. In that football tournament are playing 9thgrade, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12thgrade, teachers and another team from college. I was playing in the 9thgrade  team. Our team took the 4thplace. I score only 3 goals. First place took college, second place 12th grade and third place 10th grade. So I want to ask that I like our sport football center.

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