среда, 2 октября 2019 г.


1.Tell  me about yourself. Where were you born? Where do you live at the moment?What have you studied?
My name is Gor. I was born in Erevan, now I live in Arno Babajanian Street. Now I study in the 10th grade. My favourite subjects are  Math and English.
2.How long have you been studying English?
I have started learning English in the 3rd grade, so I have been learning English for 7 years.
3.Are you good at cooking/swimming/etc.?
4.Who  you want to be, what  you want to do?
I want to be a programmer, because that work has,a great demand.
5.What  are  your future  plans?
I don’t have future plans.
6.What  did you do  yesterday?
Yesterday I read Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows, play mobile game and play football.
7.What are you going to do  tomorrow?
I’m going to do homework tomorrow.
8.What  have you seen before you came here?
I have seen President of Armenian, my friends and teachers./ I have  seen  a lot of cars  /you would be right if the question was  / whom
9.Do you  remember  your last  dream or any particular dream
I don’t see dreams.
10.Tell me a story that  you remember from childhood
I  and my mother  went  to Kaiser supermarket to buy food and meat, when we left the store, I wanted a puzzle. My mother gave  me  some  money and asked to go to the store  and buy  a puzzle. When I entered the store I wanted to ask my mom about puzzle, I left the  supermarket and couldn't  see her. I thought that my mother had gone  home. Iwent home but my mother wasn't  there. When I left  home I saw my mom in the street, she  had  benn trying to find me.
11.Do you remember  any strange or dangerous situation from your life?
I can’t remember any dangerous situation from my life.
12.Do you live in a house or an apartment?
I live in  an apartment.
13Have you ever lived in another country?
I have never lived in another country.
14Have you ever met a famous person?
I met Armenian President Armen Sargsyan yesterday..
15.How do you spend your free time?
In my free time I  play football, read or play computer games.
16.What are your hobbies?
I don’t have hobbies.
17.What is your motto?
My motto is never give up.
18.What kind of people do you like?
I like modest people.
19.What languages do you speak?
I speak  3 languages , Armenian, English and Russian.
20.What’s something you do well?
I play football very well.
21.What is your goal in life?
My goal in life is to go to America.
22.Are you a ‘morning’ or ‘night’ person?
I am a morning person.
23.When do you feel best? In the morning, afternoon, or evening?
I  feеl me best in the morning, because I have a lot of energy in the morning.
24.Why do you want to learn English?
I want to learn English, because I want to be a programmer, everyone who wants to be a programmer necessarily should know English.
25.Would you like to be famous?
No, I want to be a normal person.

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