воскресенье, 18 апреля 2021 г.

slide 148, sentences 1-14


1 Not until years later did I realize my mistake.
2 Never had we seen such magnificent scenery.
3 Not only did they dislike her, but they also hated her family.
4 Only when we read his autobiography did we understand what he had really suffered.
5 Hardly had we started to eat when we heard someone knocking at the door.
6 Rarely have I read such a badly written novel.
7 Not until you’ve tried to write a novel yourself do you realize how hard it is.
8 Not only was the hotel room depressing, but it was cold as well.
9 Only when it is unusually cold do we light the fire.
10 No sooner had he gone to sleep than the phone rang.
11 Only then did I realize the full scale of the disaster.
12 Never has he regretted the decision he took on that day.
13 Only when I spoke to the manager was the problem taken seriously.
14 Scarcely had he had time to destroy the evidence before when the police arrived.

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