вторник, 14 декабря 2021 г.

«Should smartphones be banned at schools?


Why do we think that smartphones should be banned at all? What? Smartphones distract kids from the classes? I don’t think so. We live in twenty-first century where technology is really advanced and is still advancing, but our most of our schools have the same old rules and same old customs, which I think is wrong. Many people think that before the schools were effective, because they were strict. I think it is wrong, because our generation and the generation before are different. Maybe for kids in 90s strict schools were effective, but we are a new generation and we need a different type of schools. And to create that new type we really need to understand the student. Every millennial is attached to their smartphone and if you take those away so they will study, they will start to hate studying. I guess what I am trying to say is to not make students study, but help them. Help them like studying and help them enjoy spending time at school. After all school should not only give information to students, it should also make sure the information is received.

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