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 Nowadays lots of people smoke and there is no age gap. You can see how little kids from age 10 to 13 have already started to smoke. You can also see some girls smoking. I personally have nothing against smoking, because it’s a person’s choice whether to smoke or not. But still, there are some things about smoking that get on my nerves and make me angry.

First I’d like to talk about girls, who smoke because society thinks that they shouldn’t and I think that it is gender inequality. I believe that gender has nothing to do with smoking if you smoke, then it’s your own choice. Yes, girls can smoke, but when they are old enough. I mean smoking can cause lots of health problems, especially in our world when they are already enough diseases. Also, some girls smoke under the pressure of their guy best friends, who give them cigarettes and force them to smoke by convincing them that it’s a cool and harmless thing. I think that you should smoke by your own choice and don’t live by your circle’s decisions. However, it’s better for girls to start smoking when they’re at least at the age of 23. But again it’s just my personal opinion.

Let’s talk about boys now. Everybody knows that boys start to smoke at a very young age and even if they don’t smoke they at least try it. In my opinion, boys start to smoke under influence of their old friends, because they think “Wow, they’re older and popular, which means if we do the same things as them we would be like them one day. And people would like us and would respect us.” And again, it’s the same problem as in girls’ case. Boys go by their circle choice. But why does no one tell them not to do it, that’s a bad thing or that it’s disgusting? The reason is that they’re boys and it’s okay for them to do whatever they want. And again we have gender inequality.

Now I would love to talk about kids. The other day I was walking and I saw this little boy smoking, he was probably 10 years old, and he was with his girlfriend and he suggested her smoking too. That made me so angry. First of all, why is such a child smoking? And second, why is he even suggesting that to his girlfriend, who definitely didn’t even like him smoking himself. It comes from parents too, because they work day and night and don’t have time to look after their kids and those kids are being raised by the older guys in their district.

As we see it all comes from the circle and your choice. I know lots of guys whose best friends smoke and that is the main reason why they start to smoke. And that’s wrong. It doesn’t matter who your friends are, the thing is not to forget who you are. And it’s not only about smoking, it’s about everything. Never lose yourself just to fit in with others. I remembered a quote I heard on social media. It says “It’s better to be hated for who you are than be loved for who you are not.” It makes much sense. If somebody doesn’t like me the way I am, I am not going to change it to fit in or to be loved by them. It is very important to never lose yourself while meeting new people.

And in conclusion, I repeat myself, I have nothing against smoking, but there should be at least an age ban or someone to look after those who smoke because they really can hurt themselves

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