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 Nowadays lots of people smoke and there is no age gap. You can see how little kids from age 10 to 13 have already started to smoke. You can also see some girls smoking. I personally have nothing against smoking, because it’s a person’s choice whether to smoke or not. But still, there are some things about smoking that get on my nerves and make me angry.

First I’d like to talk about girls, who smoke because society thinks that they shouldn’t and I think that it is gender inequality. I believe that gender has nothing to do with smoking if you smoke, then it’s your own choice. Yes, girls can smoke, but when they are old enough. I mean smoking can cause lots of health problems, especially in our world when they are already enough diseases. Also, some girls smoke under the pressure of their guy best friends, who give them cigarettes and force them to smoke by convincing them that it’s a cool and harmless thing. I think that you should smoke by your own choice and don’t live by your circle’s decisions. However, it’s better for girls to start smoking when they’re at least at the age of 23. But again it’s just my personal opinion.

Let’s talk about boys now. Everybody knows that boys start to smoke at a very young age and even if they don’t smoke they at least try it. In my opinion, boys start to smoke under influence of their old friends, because they think “Wow, they’re older and popular, which means if we do the same things as them we would be like them one day. And people would like us and would respect us.” And again, it’s the same problem as in girls’ case. Boys go by their circle choice. But why does no one tell them not to do it, that’s a bad thing or that it’s disgusting? The reason is that they’re boys and it’s okay for them to do whatever they want. And again we have gender inequality.

Now I would love to talk about kids. The other day I was walking and I saw this little boy smoking, he was probably 10 years old, and he was with his girlfriend and he suggested her smoking too. That made me so angry. First of all, why is such a child smoking? And second, why is he even suggesting that to his girlfriend, who definitely didn’t even like him smoking himself. It comes from parents too, because they work day and night and don’t have time to look after their kids and those kids are being raised by the older guys in their district.

As we see it all comes from the circle and your choice. I know lots of guys whose best friends smoke and that is the main reason why they start to smoke. And that’s wrong. It doesn’t matter who your friends are, the thing is not to forget who you are. And it’s not only about smoking, it’s about everything. Never lose yourself just to fit in with others. I remembered a quote I heard on social media. It says “It’s better to be hated for who you are than be loved for who you are not.” It makes much sense. If somebody doesn’t like me the way I am, I am not going to change it to fit in or to be loved by them. It is very important to never lose yourself while meeting new people.

And in conclusion, I repeat myself, I have nothing against smoking, but there should be at least an age ban or someone to look after those who smoke because they really can hurt themselves

My philosophy for better life

 I bet that everyone wants to live a better life, but they just don’t know how. In our times watching all romantic movies and TV shows, that are not so realistic, makes us think that our life is not so good. I was one of those people, who compare their life with others, but I’ve changed. I’m going to write some advice on how to live a better life.

The first piece of advice I want to give is never to compare yourself with others. The thing is that everyone in our world compares themselves with others. And comparing is really bad. When you compare yourself with other people you instantly start thinking that you’re not good enough. You start to think things like “Oh I’m not as cool as they are”, “I don’t have many friends like them” etc. All these negative thoughts prevent you from seeing how good your life is. So just stop comparing yourself with others.

The second thing I want to talk about is romanticizing your life. I heard about that method before, but never actually tried it. Just a couple of months ago I started to romanticize my life. What you basically do is just pretend that your life is a movie or just find beauty in little things. Bad days you take as plot twists. That really helps you cause everyone knows that in movies good always wins. Just start to find beauty in everything like flowers, books, food, people. I can assure you that you’re going to be happier than ever.

And last but not least I want to talk about good energy. What you give, you attract. So when you think about good things, help other people and don’t waste your time criticizing people the universe brings all that is good to you.

One last word “Just live your life for yourself. You only live one life, so live it with no regrets. Bad days come and go, and if that is not motivating enough remember that You’ll never have to live that day again.”  

Should smartphones be banned at schools?

Why do we think that smartphones should be banned at all? What? Smartphones distract kids from the classes? I don’t think so. We live in twenty-first century where technology is really advanced and is still advancing, but our most of our schools have the same old rules and same old customs, which I think is wrong. Many people think that before the schools were effective, because they were strict. I think it is wrong, because our generation and the generation before are different. Maybe for kids in 90s strict schools were effective, but we are a new generation and we need a different type of schools. And to create that new type we really need to understand the student. Every millennial is attached to their smartphone and if you take those away so they will study, they will start to hate studying. I guess what I am trying to say is to not make students study, but help them. Help them like studying and help them enjoy spending time at school. After all school should not only give information to students, it should also make sure the information is received.

Is it possible to earn money on YouTube?

It is very much possible and many people already do. If you are successful at it, you can even make it a full time job. I find it that it can be like a hobby. For example, if you like singing and you have a great voice you can make a video of yourself singing and post it and you will get money based on how many people liked your video. You can also make short documental videos like «The truth behind Bermuda’s triangle» or «Is Pele really the best footballer in the history» and learn a lot along the way. There are thousands types of  videos that you can post in YouTube and earn money you just have to find the type that you like the best and start posting. However I personally don’t think will have YouTube channel. I don’t really like to be in pictures so it is not really for me, but if you don’t have that problem I advise you to at least try. Who knows maybe you will get many views and start earning real money. 

Should guns be sold to people?


Guns are dangerous, one bullet and it might ruin your dreams one bullet, you might lose your loved one, and one bullet and you might lose your life. Just one metal cylinder size of your pinkie can end your life. It is terrifying. This question is very serious question. I would certainly love if all the guns would suddenly disappear. I think it will solve a lot more problems that it does no. Sadly, it is not possible. 

In my opinion, guns should be sold for self-defense only, and in cities that have high crime rate. People should pass a certain exam; and should know how to use the guns perfectly. They should not have criminal record and a reasonable explanation of why they want to obtain a gun. The crime rate in Armenia is not that high therefore; I think guns should not be sold there. However, in cities that have high crime rate like Cape Town or Gotham it is a different case.  

If it was possible to take all the guns that already belong to people, then I would suggest otherwise, but that is impossible so it is better to equip the innocent so they can defend themselves. 



Is fashion important? No, it certainly is not. There are far more important things in life than fashion. However, I am not saying that it is useless. I like to think of fashion as an aspect of art. Some people express themselves by painting pictures or creating music, and some people create trends of fashion. Nowadays fashion became a little addictive. Every season new trends come out and some people are crazy about being in trend. If someone wore some clothes from 1800s, sure, it will certainly be weird. However, it is not necessary to drive the latest cars or have the latest phones and clothes. I personally don’t follow fashion that much. I wear whatever I am comfortable in and I do not really care if those clothes are not in trend. Piece of advice- if you want to follow fashion follow it, just don’t get addicted to it.  

It is well-known fact that many people judge those who follow fashion, and in my opinion, it is wrong. Following fashion (not addictive way) can be good for yourself. It can boost your self-confidence or as I said before, it can be a way to express yourself without talking. We constantly make impressions of people based on their appearance, without even realizing it.  Therefore, if you want to make a certain impression you should dress in a certain way. Many people might be annoyed with me, because earlier I implied that art is not important therefore, fashion is not important. I just mean that there is vast quantity of more important things in life that need our attention, money and time. 

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Ինձ չես սիրում, ուրիշին,
Ուրիշին ես սիրում դու —
Եվ անզոր է ու չնչին
Քո դեմ տանջանքն իմ հոգու։

Դու անցնում ես ամեն օր,
Անցնում՝ ինձ չես նկատում,—
Եվ դարձել եմ ես սովոր
Քամահրանքիդ անհատնում։

Քեզ խոնարհ՝ ամեն անգամ
Գլուխ եմ տալիս խոնարհ,
Բայց ես աղքատ եմ այնքան,
Այնքան թշվառ քեզ համար։

Ամենքինն ես, իմը չես,
Ամենքին ես սիրում դու.
Ա՛խ, ոսկով են գնում քեզ,
Անհաս ցնորք իմ հոգու…

Այս բանաստեղծության մեջ Տերյանը անթերի կերպով ներկայացնում է անպատասխան սիրո զգացմունքը։ Տերյանի սիրած էակը սիրում էր ուրիշին։ Դա կոտրում էր Տերյանի սիրտը։ Նա անկարող էր ինչ-որ բան փոխել։ Վահան Տերյանը կարող էր միայն համակերպվել և ապրել այդ էակին սիրելով, միևնույն ժամանակ գիտակցելով, որ այդ սերը երբեք փոխադարձ չի լինի։ Տերյանը սիրում էր, բայց սիրված չէր։

Անպատասխան սերը չափազանց դաժան և ցավոտ զգացմունք է, որը կատարելապես ներկայացված է Վահան Տերյանի այս բանաստեղծության մեջ։