воскресенье, 5 марта 2017 г.

Hello Tigran Harutunyan, I am writing this letter from Erevan. Now I am studying in 7-2 class. My biology teacher is Anush Asatryan, my Armenian teacher is Hasmik Topchyan, my math teacher is Syuzi Hakobyan, my history teacher is Ashot Tigranyan, my English teacher is Tatev Aleksanyan, my geography teacher is Emanuel Agjoyan, my choice teacher is Hermine Antonyan, my physics teacher is Gayane Mkhitaryan, my chemistry teacher is Susan Sahakyan. In my class are 23 students. Now when you go in Canada, your English is better now, your grammar is better, do you understand English better. My English now is good, in week I go to english training. I know past simple, present perfect, present contiunes, past continues. In the class, we are reading histories, doing classworks, studing english grammer.

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