суббота, 9 сентября 2017 г.

English homework

What time is it?
It is almost midnight.
2.   Why can’t Jack sleep?
Because he is  thinking about his future.
3.   Why doesn’t he want to be a doctor?
He doesn’t want be a doctor because he must study for a long and he  is really bad at Biology.
4.   Why doesn’t he want to be a pilot?
He doesn’t want to be a pilot because he hates flying.
5.   Why is a rock star the perfect job for him?
He wants to be a rock star because he likes listening to the music.
6.   Why is he going to bed?
He goes to bed because  he gets best ideas in bed. 

1. Our teacher always gives us homework on Fridays.
2. I’ sorry – I don’t know the answer.
3. My father doesn’t like football.
4. Do all you friends go to the same school?
5. Where does your best friend live?


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