среда, 27 сентября 2017 г.


1)We haven’t got much time.
2)I don’t want many carrots.
3)She couldn’t get much information.
4)He hasn’t got many friends.
1)If you’re hungry, have some sandwiches.
2)We bought some rice, but we didn’t buy any tomatoes.
3) A:Let’s have some dessert.
    B:Great. Have we got any ice cream?
4) A: Can I have any sugar in my coffee?
    B:I’m really sorry, we haven’t got any sugar at home.
5) A:Have you got some plans for the weekend.
    B:Not really. Maybe I’ll watch some DVDs.
1) Mexico City is one of the bigger cities in the world, but Tokyo is even biggest.
2) I think George Clooney is the best actor. I think he’s much good better than Brad Pitt.
3) This is one of the interestingest films I have ever seen. I think it’s interesting than the film we saw two weeks ago.
4) I thought losing all my money was the worst experience of my life, but this situation is worse than that.

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