среда, 27 сентября 2017 г.


1) Lucy was doing a handstand.
2) Daniel and Sophie were play table tennis.
3) Samuel was sitting on the teacher’s desk.
4) Ken was writing a text message.
5) Lisa was dreaming about a day on the beach.

1) A: What were you doing when I saw you yesterday?
B: I was waiting for my sister. She was buying something in a shop.
2) A: Who were talking to when I phoned you?
B: It was my brother. He was telling me about a film he saw on TV.
3) A: His parents were living in England when he was born?
B: No, were living in Paris. His father was working as an architect.
4) A: Were watching TV when I called last night?
B: No, I wasn’t. I was reading a magazine.
5) A: Who were having lunch with when I saw you yesterday?
B: With Jane. She’s a friend of mine. We were talking about you!
6)A: Were playing tennis yesterday afternoon?
B: No, I am not playing tennis, I doing my homework.
7) A: What were you wearing for school yesterday? Their school uniform?
B: No, they weren’t wearing their school uniform, they   wearing jeans and T-shirts.

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