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NEF, Student’s book Answer the questions. slide 11, page 10    Do you like sport?/ write the answers on your blog/
1.What sport do you play?
I play football.
2. Have you ever won a cup or a trophy?
No, I never won a cup or a trophy.  I have never  won 
3. Have you ever been injured doing sport?
No, I never have been injured in sport. I have never been   injured
4. Do you prefer doing sport or being a spectator?
I prefer being a spectator.
5. Do you prefer watching individual or team sports?
I prefer watching team sports?
6. Do you go to watch a local sports team?
No, I don’t go to watch sport games?
7. Are there good sports facilities in your town?
Yes,  Hrazdan Stadium.
8. Is there any sport you do like to learn to play well?
No, I only like to play football, other sports don't interest me.
9. How many hours do you spend a week watching sport on TV?
I spend about 6 hours in a week. hours  a week
10. What sports do/did you have to do at school?
At school we have football, tennis, volleyball, shootings.
11. Do/did you enjoy it?
Yes, I enjoy watch sport matches.  I enjoy watching 
12. Do you do any sport in your free time?
When I have free time I often go to football field and play football with my friends.
13. Do you think you’re fit? Would you like to get fitter?
I rarely play football, and I would like to get fitter.
14.Do your family and friends like sport?
Yes, my father, brother and friends like football.
15. Is there any sport you don’t mind watching on TV?
I only watch football matches.
16. What sport do you hate watching most on TV?
I hate watching basketball.
17. Have you ever been to a big sporting occasion?
No, I have  never  been to a big sporting occasion.
18. Do you think physical education should be optional at school?
Yes, everyone who has physical education can play every sport at school. 
Կարծում ես  պետք է լինի ընրովի

 NEF, Student’s book,,Vocabulary.Sport slide 146, page 145, ex-es 1/a,b, 2/a,b, 3
Reading.  Families have a great-great future.  slide 13, ex-b
1.Great grandparents-your grandparents’ patents
2. Any only child-a child who doesn’t have any brothers or sisters
3. In-laws - families where the mother or father is bringing up the children on his       ա
4. Cousins-your uncle’s or aunt’s children
5. in laws -the family of your husband
6. extended family -all your relatives including aunts, grandparents, etc.
7. Great-great-grandparents – Your grandparent’s grandparents
8. Half-brothers-boys who have the same father as you but a different mother
9. Stepmother-The new wife of your father
10. Couples-people who are having a relationship

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