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Advantages and disadvantages of online lessons

In that topic, I want to speak about the advantages and disadvantages of online lessons.
  1. You have more time to do your homework because you don't have to do your homework for a certain period of time, and that gives you an advantage
  2. While those lessons you can’t get distracted and talk to your friends
  3. You can repeat the information you forgot while the teacher asks you some questions
  4. Since we studied for a long time on the same scheme, we are getting enthusiastic because this is something new
  5. Since we do all our lessons at home, we don't have to carry a computer to school
  6. You can record the entire lesson and watch it several times
  7. Because you record your lesson you can watch it while you want
  8. People who live far away don't have to go a long way
  9. If someone can't participate in a lesson, you can postpone it
  10. You can get information very quickly

  1. If you or your teacher have bad connection you can’t hear something that your teacher says
  2. Little or no face-to-face interaction
  3. You must do more than usual work
  4. When you are in a house surrounded by different games and the opportunity to watch different movies it is more difficult for you to concentrate on your lessons
  5. There are some teachers that can study online because they didn’t know modern technologies
  6. Some homes don't have computers or similar technologies that you can use to do lessons online
  7. When you sit at the computer all day it does not affect your vision well
  8. In the house can be different noises that can interfere with your lesson.
  9. Teacher can't watch what student really do
  10. Student can search for some information on the internet and read it

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