четверг, 17 декабря 2020 г.

What is the most important ingredient in a happy marriage?

 I think everyone has their own ingredient for a happy marriage. A person can be married without knowing what they want in this marriage, but if you know your component of a happy marriage, you can do it much faster and more accurately. I think the most important thing in a happy marriage is to love each other without delving into the shortcomings of the partner. If you don’t support each other in every situation in your life over time, you will not trust your partner. And you must have a certain respect for each other. And if suddenly there is some doubt in your relationships, you will have to forget everything for a second and think about why you fell in love with this person.  Problems arise when only one individual meets their partner’s needs. Happy and successful marriages are the ones where each person is putting their partner’s needs first. When both are doing this, everything is being better. Problems arise when only one individual meets their partner’s needs. When this happens, one person is happy, the other isn't. People should spend more time trying to understand ourselves and our spouse. We’re all individuals with unique quirks and behaviours.

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