воскресенье, 18 апреля 2021 г.

Infinitve and gerund

 1. We have arranged for you to stay.

2. I dont mind Jane coming.

3.Would hate you to think.

4.I didn’t expect you to pay for everything.

5. I would love you to stay.

6. Living at home again will involve your younger sisters having to share a bedroom.

7. I reminded Hannah to do up the washing.

8. I can’t imagine you being shy.

9. The money my uncle left me enabled us to buy a bigger flat.

10. The guards prevented us from crossing the border.

11. Would you prefer me to call you later.

12. We don’t want to risk breaking down our car while we’re on holiday.

13. I dislike people answering their mobiles in restaurants.

14. I was made to do all the photocopying.

15. I recommend you to get a tablet.

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