вторник, 12 апреля 2022 г.

Should guns be sold to people?


Guns are dangerous, one bullet and it might ruin your dreams one bullet, you might lose your loved one, and one bullet and you might lose your life. Just one metal cylinder size of your pinkie can end your life. It is terrifying. This question is very serious question. I would certainly love if all the guns would suddenly disappear. I think it will solve a lot more problems that it does no. Sadly, it is not possible. 

In my opinion, guns should be sold for self-defense only, and in cities that have high crime rate. People should pass a certain exam; and should know how to use the guns perfectly. They should not have criminal record and a reasonable explanation of why they want to obtain a gun. The crime rate in Armenia is not that high therefore; I think guns should not be sold there. However, in cities that have high crime rate like Cape Town or Gotham it is a different case.  

If it was possible to take all the guns that already belong to people, then I would suggest otherwise, but that is impossible so it is better to equip the innocent so they can defend themselves. 

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